WebGL Hotshot: Review

This book introduces two leading technologies for interactive Web3D: X3D and WebGL. Emphasizes on real-world applications while intertwining technical concepts.

It starts with X3D and fundamental concepts of creating 3D scenes. It demonstrates how easy and fast is to build colorful 3D environments using this technology. Then, it transitions to WebGL, writing JavaScript to parse the 3D meshes, control the interactivity, and handle the interfacing to the GPU for rendering 3D meshes with texture maps. Finally, it covers GPU shader languages and how they are applied to create lights, and other types of animated effects.

The author makes an effort of demonstrating how 3D technology is used for things other than game development, like social media sites, live stock market applications, e-commerce sites like the PlayStation Store, etc.

The book has an interesting flow and builds up in complexity at a good pace.


The Hotshot style of writing is ideal for this type of technical book. Those who are new to programming, will find this book as an excellent starting point.

In addition, game developers trying to make the jump into 3D Web accelerated applications or a Web developer looking for interesting ways of creating interactive applications will feel just at home.

Go grab a copy!